the more it’s used the more we understand how to best build a shared understanding

Here is a catalogue (so far) of the key patterns and uses of the DVM

Building a shared Mental Model

For a universal concept like data, it may come as a surprise that it is not well understood from a business context. To tackle this issue, this easy to follow DVM workshop guide explores the collective understanding of data in a team/dept/org. In just five steps you will be able to provide a platform and environment to create a more cohesive understanding of data that will enable clearer and more productive conversations for future projects and initiatives.

Being Data Savvy with the DVM

There is an estimate that for every one data scientist there is a need for ten data savvy managers in today‚Äôs economy. Reason being, that pretty much all managers need to build their own personal data capabilities to stay relevant and effective in a world where more and more of our work is digitised. But what does it mean to be data savvy? What does it entail? Or more importantly how can one become more data savvy? To aid answering these questions, a few simple tasks are outlined which cover each of the steps of the Data Value Map….continue reading

A Guide to applying the Data Value Map

Feedback continually highlights the intuitiveness of the DVM concept but when it comes to applying it to build a shared understanding, a pause ensues. To overcome this pause, I have outlined a four simple four step guide (based on past examples) to kick start more data conversations…..continue reading